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New LIVE LOVE LANGUAGES Newsletter Launching Soon!

LIVING LOVING LANGUAGE! We LOVE teaching languages to kids and adults of all ages.  Are you looking for ideas and resources to be able to teach and promote language and culture?   Our team of inspiring teachers and managers are passionate about the opportunities that languages present to young Australians and New Zealanders!  And we […]

The Role of Language Learning in Culture

The ever increasing role that Asia is playing in the futures of both Australia and New Zealand, and in particular the economic and social importance of China as a regional neighbour and trading partner for both countries, is not “new” news. And particularly, as it pertains to second language learning, much has been written on the […]

What are the motivators for learning another language …

 … and what is the difference between an integrative and an influential motivator? The saying that language is “best learned between the sheets” is a perfect example of an integrative motivating factor. Integrative motivation is when an individual learns a foreign language, say for instance Spanish, with the aim of integrating into Spanish society. The language […]

Are there any negatives to being bilingual?

Individuals who are bilingual are actually juggling multiple identities, and from the perspective of identity, this might be considered negative by some.  For instance, you may see a difference in an individual’s response to a personality test or other psychological measure based on the language the tests are in. But on the other hand, it […]

$15.2 million package to promote Asian languages in Australian schools

Let’s face it…a language like Mandarin Chinese is not the easiest for a monolingual Australian child to master.  However, it is very important if future generations of Australians are to compete on a global platform   If you have experience of teaching Mandarin Chinese to Australian kids, we would love your viewpoint.  What are the […]

Music is key in learning languages

Using regular and repetitive methods to expose children to a language is a great way to teach them the language and music is a great way to do that! A child’s ear naturally atunes to the melody and words without realising it. “The neurological links between language and music are vast but the basic thing […]

Why learn another language?

A study carried out not too long ago by the European Commission, described the only two native English speaking member states, namely the UK and Ireland, as “having moderate language skills” in comparison with other EU countries. About two thirds of the people in the UK and Ireland speak only English whereas the majority of […]

What does it take to be a great language teacher?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – (Benjamin Franklin) The teacher is one of the single most important components of the language leanrning experience and their teaching style can make the difference between a successful learning outcome for the language student and one in which […]

Do the languages we speak influence the way we perceive the world?

Do people who speak different languages, whether it’s English, Spanish, Mandarin or any one of the 7000 odd languages in existence, end up remembering and understanding their respective life experiences differently simply by virtue of their mother tongue? An article in the Wall Street Journal explains how recent research suggests that the answer may be […]