FREE Annual Childcare Centre Licence (Only available for Aboriginal communities or disadvantage communities in rural areas)

Create a Advantage for your Centre by licensing a Foreign Language or Music Program

Teach languages at your kindyLCF Fun Languages is a leading provider of language programs across Australia and works with many Childcare Centres, schools and Kinders.

We can help you to STAND OUT, create a point of difference and gain a commercial advantage for your Centre, with our professionally designed educational programs, used to teach young children across the globe.

AFFORDABLE AND FUN: By licensing one of our LCF Programs, and with our support, YOU can teach the LCF Fun Languages or Programs in your Centre!

Not only will an LCF Program give your centre a unique point of difference and competitive advantage, it will also deliver meaningful educational benefits for the children and professional development for the Childcare and Early Learning Educators who teach the program.

Choose between French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, German or JazzMataz (Music and Movement and ESL for preschoolers)- all programs are supported by our online learning resources

Want to upskill and make the most of a BILINGUAL staff member?

Want to tailor your own music, rhythm and movement program to your Centre? 

Upskill your staff members, by licensing one of our world-class educational products and bring the world of language and music to your Centre!

We SUPPORT you with teacher support and training, additional educational resources to purchase and cross-marketing and PR for your Centre.

We can also help you communicate the initiatives with your team and your parents by providing templates and parent surveys.

What does it cost?

The licence fee is FREE for Aboriginal communities or disadvantage communities in rural areas. This means you can deliver the program for as many children and age groups as you would like, as often as you like. The programs are designed to help you deliver your own language or music program at your Centre, with full flexibility and control.
The only limitation is a licence for each participating Centre and the staff member conducting the program must undergo initial training and be approved by LCF. Ongoing support will be provided when needed throughout the year.

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