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who are Passionate about Languages, Children and Education.

Recruiting new franchisees across Australia. Be your own boss for little as $2,500 (T&C Apply)

Are you an enterprising, stay-at-home parent looking for a way to earn an income? Or a bilingual mum (or dad!) looking for ways to teach a second language in your community?

Perhaps you’re a second language teacher looking for access to foreign language teaching resources and Professional Development training from a leader in the field?

Do you speak another language

Do you speak another language?

Find out more about teaching languages to children in Australia and becoming and accredited Fun Languages teacher

Work from home

Thinking about starting your own business?

Find out more about operating your own language teaching business with an LCF Fun Languages franchise in Australia

Looking for good language teaching resources?

Ask us about our range of  teaching resources and materials for language tutors and schools

LCF Franchisee


Choose between our LCF Language Franchise and Jazz-Mataz Preschool Music & Movement Program.

LCF Teacher


Whether you’re already an experienced language teacher or a bilingual mum wanting language teaching skills

LCF Licence


By licensing one of our LCF Fun Languages private language tutor programs

About Us

LCF Fun Languages Australia is a leading provider of language clubs and language learning resources for young children and schools throughout Australasia!

With full support and training, you can apply to become an accredited LCF Fun Languages Teacher.

If you do not speak another language, there are opportunities to deliver our Jazz-Mataz Music and Movement Program  for young children.

Have you always wanted to own your own business and create a lifestyle that works around your own family?

We offer a proven business model that works and will allow you to focus on what you enjoy while running your own profitable and rewarding business.

‘ Professional Language Teaching Franchise Australia. Become An Accredited LCF Teacher ‘

  • The LCF Methodology

    With over 20 years experience in teaching languages to children, our FUN methodology has seen LCF Fun Languages fast becoming the leading provider of language learning programs for children and schools and second language learning resources for schools.


“I am very happy with LCF, love it , love it, and thank again for having me in this fantastic business!”

Delphine, Sydney
Delphine, SydneyArea Manager

“At first I was only interested in the teaching side of it but was soon most interested in being a part of the franchise and owning my own business. I love the freedom of being able to teach when and where I want to and this works well as I can work around my family.” , Australia

Josie, Melbourne
Josie, MelbourneArea Manager

“LCF Clubs fitted in exactly with my change in lifestyle after leaving full time secondary language teaching, having recently given birth to my second child. LCF Clubs offer a brilliant combination of learning new business skills, managing staff, seeing the rewards personally and financially and making a real difference to young children’s language learning. The inspiration behind making the final decision to become a franchisee was the support LCF provides in terms of materials, set up and ongoing administration – I would not have had the time to create this amount of materials and teaching tools if I had gone out on my own. Also, the initial start up costs were relatively low – another major plus! I have loved watching the students use their new language with confidence and have huge amounts of fun doing it. Their smiles and laughter says it all! “-

NZ FranchiseeNZ Franchisee

“I’m one of the luckiest people in the world! I get to play, sing and dance, act and be a clown. I get to have fun! I get to give and share my knowledge of French to all these wonderful little people. And guess what? I get PAID for it!”

Maroussia AucklandNZ



Music is key in learning languages

“The neurological links between language and music are vast but the basic thing to remember is that music activates more parts of the brain than language does, on both the right and left sides of the are more likely to recall the information than if you just read it or heard it spoken.
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$15.2 million package to promote Asian languages in Australian schools

If you have experience of teaching Mandarin Chinese to Australian kids, we would love your viewpoint. What are the challenges and what support do you need? Is the government doing enough?Is the government doing enough?
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aaaaThat Foreign Language May Not Be As Foreign As You Think. Or Might It?

Our ability to form a limitless number of thoughts into a spoken word is what distinguishes the human species from our less evolved cousins but, while we know that first appeared among Homo sapiens around
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msNew LIVE LOVE LANGUAGES Newsletter Launching Soon!

We LOVE teaching languages to kids and adults of all ages. Are you looking for ideas and resources to be able to teach and promote language culture?We love networking with schools and teachers across Australasia to share ideas.teachers and bloggers!
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