Annual Language Tutoring Licence


Become a Licensed LCF Fun Languages Tutor

Annual Licence – 1 year + 1 language (*Special now with 2 languages!)


Access to the best language teaching resources and detailed lesson plans

Work from home & choose your timetable

An extremely convenient and satisfying way to work

By licensing one of our LCF Fun Languages private language tutor programs, you will become part of the LCF Fun Languages global revolution in language learning.

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LCF Fun Languages is the market leader

in afterschool clubs and language teaching in Australia. The activities in our structured courses are stimulating and engaging. They include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games.

“LCF (Fun Languages) has turned out to be the hit of the century, the highlight of my son’s week at school. He has described feeling very happy after the club in a way he never talks about any other aspect of school.” – Mrs Mitchell, happy parent

You no longer have to worry

about wasting endless hours creating and designing your own materials – we provide everything for you so that you can start teaching immediately!

“I love the materials and the fact that it is practically all given to you. I love the support given to franchisees and teachers. There is lots of training and moral support when needed.” – LCF Franchisee, Sydney

At our affordable after-school clubs,

children have fun, make friends, and learn a language from a specialist linguist – you! Our programs are used extensively across Australia in before and after-school clubs and childcare centres.

We are immensely proud of our network of accredited teachers and local managers, who are helping Australian children to become bilingual and global citizens.

“One child in my French group was dyslexic and lacked self confidence because of this. Because of the communicative way the classes are run, with almost no reading or writing, her confidence grew enormously. I didn’t know this until her mum came and thanked me and said that she had become almost a different child and was full of confidence and enthusiasm ! It had made a huge impact to her and her whole family” – LCF Teacher 

An LCF Fun Languages Annual Tutoring Licence will allow you to become your own boss and be in complete control of your timetable.

An LCF Fun Languages Annual Tutoring Licence will allow you to become your own boss and be in complete control of your timetable.


*French (for ages 0-12 years, adults) including access to Babelzone
*Spanish (for ages 0-12 years and adults) including access to Babelzone

Chinese Mandarin (for ages 0-12 years) including online access

*German (for ages 0-12 years)  including online access

*Italian (for ages 0-12 years)  including online access

*Jazzmataz (preschool music and movement program) including access to Englishzone

“I’m one of the luckiest people in the world! I get to play, sing and dance, act and be a clown. I get to have fun! I get to give and share my knowledge of French to all these wonderful little people. And guess what? I get PAID for it!!” – Maroussia, LCF Franchisee

Where Can I Teach?

Lessons can be conducted privately at home, in group sessions, at schools, community centres or preschools and childcare centres or even online tutoring via Skype.

What Can I Earn?

Profit projections based on actual earnings by our licensees are available for genuine expressions of interest. Net profits of between $25,000-$50,000 are very realistic for PART-TIME licensees after costs and annual investment. (And remember…this is only for work during school terms.  You can spend the holidays with your family or organise holiday programs for additional income streams!)

What is the Cost of a Licence?

With our annual licence, there is no upfront investment.  You pay as you earn!

A single language licence is for a minimum of 1 year, and costs $2,500 +gst for the first year, and $500 +gst per term for each subsequent term.

Licensees gain access to detailed lesson plans for their chosen program, colourful and professional, proven teaching resources, detailed training manuals, teacher training workshops and ongoing operational support.

How does the Licence work?french_kid_testimonial

Annual licence for a minimum of one year

Option to upgrade to 5 years franchisee at the end of year one

Full training in our program and LCF methodology

Business coaching provided to support you in developing more clubs in your area

You will also be provided with a set of high quality teacher’s materials for each module, including story books, flashcards and CDs.

Additional student resources can be purchased separately

Royalties of 15% paid quarterly.


And no matter which program you are licensed in, we will support you in growing your business with the following:

Parent leads from your local area

Childcare Centre leads

Skype Tutoring Leads

Holiday Program leads

Ongoing support in starting new clubs and classes

Ongoing teacher support and coaching

Comprehensive training manuals

Referrals of enquiries and parent leads to help you build your enrolments.

Assistance and advice from our experienced marketing team

Electronic files for marketing materials or buy from our online store. (cheaper as we print in bulk)

Fun Languages Name Badge

Your very own webpage

Online marketing promotion on social media

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